transatlantic crossing-9/15/06

transatlantic crossing-9/15/06 - Transatlantic Crossing in...

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Transatlantic Crossing in the Age of Empire --the 18 th century I. Immigration Key Terms A. Georgia Georgia B. Scots-Irish Scots-Irish C. Germans Germans D. Convicts Enlightenment II. Enlightenment Ben Franklin A. Basic Ideas Great Awakening B. Ben Franklin III. Religion A. Great Awakening B. George Whitfield C. New Lights D. Impact IV. Political Discourse A. English Constitution (5 pts.) B. Transference I. The English colonies population doubled every 25 years Every colony became divers A. 1733- founded to counter Spanish threat and James Oglethorpe thought it would be a good place to haven for debtors which relieved pressures on the jails Trustees were in charge of the govt. (autocratic) Few people settled because people only got 50 acres of land and harsh conditions (threat of Spanish and Native Americans, limited land, and primitive colony) Both rum and slavery were prohibited Restrictions were lifted on land (1738) and slavery (1750) to get people to come 1751- representative assembly was formed B. Originally from Scotland and were Presbyterian but had lived in Ireland for a while Reasons for moving: economic prosperity and freedom of religion Settled in Pennsylvania and all along east coast Settled with others of their own kind with the same heritage C. Most were from Rhine Valley and were 1/3 rd of Penn. Colony Most moved to Penn. and back colonies Reasons for moving: Pietistic sects and were persecuted and wanted religious
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transatlantic crossing-9/15/06 - Transatlantic Crossing in...

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