Variety in White American Society-11/1/06

Variety in White American Society-11/1/06 - Variety in...

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Variety in White American Society I. Place Key Terms A. Rural Life Horace Mann B. Urban Life Minstrel Shows II. Class A. Elites B. Middle Class C. Lower Class III. Family Life A. Characteristics B. Changes C. Issues IV. Immigration A. New Waves B. Immigrant Life C. Problems I. A. Life on the farm-new western farms mainly grew cash crops to sell in the market economy; new transportation methods make it easier to sell goods; most people on farms clung to traditional values -Men-farmed outside, socializing in the general store or tavern, socializing on market day -Women-continued with the same domestic work, but sold things in market economy like dairy, socializing more and more in new associations, broadening of women in the public sphere Resistance to the market economy and utopian experiments and wanted traditional ways stressed sexual equality and celibacy -Shakers-Mother Ann Lee in 1774 in America -Mormons-Joseph Smith wrote Book of Mormon -kept getting persecuted so they moved out west People feel threatened by changes so utopian experiments come from that B. New York City-it grew significantly and by 1830 it was the country’s largest city; most of growth was due to immigration Problems with city life-most did not have water and sewage services; human waste in the streets decomposing with rats and rodents; very unhealthy because of diseases going through the streets; very dirty place Public schools and Horace Mann -Solves problems-market economy, urbanization, and immigration
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Variety in White American Society-11/1/06 - Variety in...

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