Westward Expansion-10/18/06

Westward Expansion-10/18/06 - Westward Expansion I. Moving...

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Westward Expansion I. Moving West after the LA Purchase Key Term A. Why and How? B. Characteristics C. Missouri Compromise II. Transportation Revolution A. Roads B. Canals C. Steamships D. Railroads III. Impact of Westward Movement on People A. Whites B. African Americans C. Native Americans I. A. Effects of the War of 1812-GB was no longer a threat on the frontier and a need for transportation especially for troops Five new states-Indiana, Illinois, Alabama, Mississippi, and Maine Land surveys and speculators-land would go up for auction after being surveyed and was bought by speculators because it was too expensive for regular people and regular people would buy the land in smaller amounts from speculators Credit system-helped people to be able to buy land Squatters-white settlers who were already in the land and then surveyors would come and try to sell their land so squatters tried to prevent the land of sales by speculators so land was passed so they could get their land B. Families- young families and brought whole household Sectional differences-people who lived in the upper south and north moved to places like Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan; people in deep south moved to places like Louisiana and Mississippi Culture and economic systems-clung to traditions and were resistant to change Towns and cities-rise, along areas where rivers meet, Louisville, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Detroit, New Orleans and Memphis
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Westward Expansion-10/18/06 - Westward Expansion I. Moving...

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