Westward Expansion-Imperialism and Manifest Destiny-11/8/06

Westward Expansion-Imperialism and Manifest Destiny-11/8/06...

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Westward Expansion- Imperialism and Manifest Destiny I. Texas Key Terms A. The Revolution Texas B. The Republic James K. Polk C. Tyler and Annexation Manifest Destiny D. Polk and Annexation Oregon II. Manifest Destiny Mexican War A. What is it? Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo B. Oregon Gadsen Purchase III. Mexican War A. What and Why B. Impact I. Mexico welcomed American settlers in Texas to populate the area Mexico required that you had to convert to Catholicism and become a Mexican citizen Mexico abolished slavery A. Violation of Mexican laws-many Americans violated Mexican immigration laws Problems with government- Little representation- American settlers were worried that they did not have much local or state representation Stephen Austin and Texans’ grievances 1835, Texas revolted -General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna -Texans refused to pay tariffs -Troops -Independence on March 2, 1836 The Americans are practicing imperialism by conquering new lands subversively and expanding the country B. Americans and Tejanos vs. Mexicans The Alamo- Americans were outnumbered and taken over by Mexicans General Sam Houston and San Jacinto River- battle that decided the fate of Texas the Rio Grande became the border between Texas and Mexico and
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Westward Expansion-Imperialism and Manifest Destiny-11/8/06...

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