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Westward Expansion-Industrialization and Imperialism-11/6/06

Westward Expansion-Industrialization and...

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Westward Expansion-Industrialization and Imperialism I. Industrial Revolution Key Terms A. Inventions Industrial Revolution B. Railroads Railroads C. Factory System Factory System II. Getting There Santa Fe Trail A. Trails Oregon Trail B. Role of Railroads I. A. Colt revolver (interchangeable parts, good for gun fights and protecting yourself in the West) - Samuel Colt Vulcanized rubber (process that hardened rubber; rubber soles for shoes) - Charles Goodyear Telegraph (made communication almost instantaneous; now businesses could communicate over long distances quickly; helped politics) - Samuel F. B. Morse Sewing machine (helped to create ready to wear clothing quicker and increased the number of factories) - Elias Howe Rotary printing press (continuous process which is much faster; more papers printed in a shorter period of time and papers are circulated quicker) -Richard M. Hoe Role of precision tools-helped contribute to industries to make production faster and industry could be more efficient and productive
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