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Formula Sheet-final - 1. +"E*dA=(Q_encl/h) Gauss's Law...

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Sheet1 Page 1 You need to understand the meaning of Maxwell s equation and know Maxwell s contribution to this set of equations. 2. +"B*dA=0 No monopole 3. +"B*dl=mu_0[i_c+ _0*(d _E/dt)]_encl=(mu_0*i_c)+[mu_0* _0*d(+"E*dA)/dt]=mu_0(i_c+i_D) Ampere-Maxwell Law 4. +"E*dl=-d /dt=-d(+"B*dA)/dt Faraday's Law Electromagnetic energy flow and the Pointing vector : S=[(1/mu_0)(E)]xB Intensity : I=S_avg=[(E_max)(B_max)]/(2*mu_0) Magnitude between E and B: E=cB Total internal reflection: (when the light from the pool(water) comes out to air) Polarization: : I=I_0*cos^2( ): I0 is the intensity of the polarized light before entering the polarizer. Brewster angle : When the reflected and the refracted light make 90 degree. Refer to Figure 33.25.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. +"E*dA=(Q_encl/h) Gauss's Law Index of refraction : n=c/v ,n=h_0/h Snell s law : n_a*sin(h_a)=n_b*sin(h_b) n_a*sin(h_a)=n_b*sin(90h) Sheet1 Page 2 Mirror or lens equation: (1/s)+(1/s')=(1/f)=(2/R) Magnification of a magnifier: m=(25cm)/f Meaning of f-number--> f-number=focal length/diameter of aperture=f/D Double slit experiment Interference of a thin film : n_a*sin(h_p)=n_b*sin(90h-h_p)=n_b*cos(h_p) Constructive interference : d*sin(h)=m*h (m=0,h1,h2,. ..) Destructive interference : d*sin(h)=[m+(1/2)]*h (m=0,h1,h2,. ..) where sin(h)H"tan(h)H"(y_m)/R Phase changes by h/2 when the light is reflected from the surface of which index of refraction is bigger....
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Formula Sheet-final - 1. +"E*dA=(Q_encl/h) Gauss's Law...

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