geogch.2 - DIASPORA: A term used to characterize the...

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Geography chapter 2 The Earth System Plate Tectonics Climate Ecosystems World System: An interdependent system of countries linked by political and economic competition Three tiers of the world-system Core – like England and the USA, controls all and exploits the other parts of the system, enjoys high per capita incomes Peripheral – undeveloped or narrowly specialized economies with low levels of productivity, dependent and disadvantageous trading relationships Semi-Peripheral – between core and peripheral STATE: It is an independent political unit with territorial boundaries that are internationally recognized by other states NATION: It is a community of people often sharing common elements of culture, such as religion or language, or a history or political identity
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Unformatted text preview: DIASPORA: A term used to characterize the spatial dispersion of a previously homogenized group NATION_STATE: The ideal form consisting of a homogeneous group of people governed by their own state LEADERSHIP CYCLES: Periods of international power established by individual states through economic, political, and military competition. HEGEMONY: Refers to domination over the world-system, exercised by one national state in a particular state in a particular historic epoch NEO-COLONIALISM: Refers to economic and political strategies by which world powers or powerful states in core economies indirectly maintain or extend their influence over other areas or people...
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geogch.2 - DIASPORA: A term used to characterize the...

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