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Group Presentations Group 1 – French President Sarkozy and labor reform (Wednesday, February 13) Elisabeth Ahrendt Cody Dreysse Nathan Leamer Dakota Rees Group 2 – The CDU/SPD coalition in Germany (Friday, February 22) Kristina Arbogast John Eisen Jenna Mellema Jeffrey Snyder Group 3 – Polish Foreign Policy – US Missile Defense Shield (Monday, March 17) John Boumgardent Kevin Fuller Dean Mitchell Joseph Sung Group 4 – The implications of Europe’s demographic decline (Wednesday, April 2)
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Unformatted text preview: Paul Bylsma Calvin Hoekman Andrew Ng Brian Wilkins Group 5 Turkey a member of the EU? (Friday, April 18) Astrid Callegaro David Hoogstra Nunana Nyomi James Zandstra Group 6 Immigration Policy finding common ground (Wednesday, May 7) Jeremy Chacko Krista Johnson David Price...
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