February 28th - CHSC 3P91 Cardiac Rehabilitation Modifying...

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Unformatted text preview: CHSC 3P91 Cardiac Rehabilitation Modifying Risk Factors: • The more intense the treatment – the great the cessation • Treatment maximized by increasing length of the sessions and $ of sessions. • Use of multiple types of providers enhances the cessation rate • Proactive telephone calls and group counseling • Practical counseling (problem solving and skills training) use of social support • Pharmacological therapies Abnormal Lipids/Triglycerides • Lifestyle changes including dietary intervention, physical activity and weight loss. Decrease saturated fat intake less than 7% of tot.cal. Decrease overall fat intake to 25-35%of total calories • Statins Follow- Up: • Re-measure @ 4-6 weeks and again @ 3 months if patient has not reached goal. • Follow up at 8-12 week intervals through week 52 once patient reaches their goal. • Follow up 4-6 month intervals after goal is maintained for 1 year. Hypertension • Weight reduction • Diet modification • Reduce sodium intake • Increased physical activity • Decrease stress level • Pharmacological interference • Alcohol consumption *Those with a BP great than 140 over 90 = weight control, physical activity, alcohol moderation, and sodium reduction.* *BP medication should be added if BP not less than 140/90 within first 3 months of incorporating above adjustments or if initial BP 180/110* Obesity: • Prevalence of overweight and obese people have increased over the past 20 years. • BMI less than 25 = desirable • BMI greater than 25 increase your health risk Assessment and Intervention: • Rate of weight loss is 1-2 pounds/week • Initial Goal is to decrease weight by 10% • Identify and treat underlying metabolic disorders • Pharmacological Therapy o Appetite suppressants only for those with BMI greater than 30...
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February 28th - CHSC 3P91 Cardiac Rehabilitation Modifying...

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