January 16th - CHSC 3P91 January 16th, 2008 Risk Factors...

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CHSC 3P91 January 16 th , 2008 Risk Factors Primary Prevention cut out your risk factors Secondary Prevention early diagnosis and treatment Tertiary Prevention limit progress or complication of disease Canada Heart Survey 1985-1990 found 41% of men and 33% of women aged 18-74 had greater than 2 risk factors. Non-Modifiable: Age : o Factor of exposure o The longer the arteries are exposed to develop CAD o 4/5 deaths occur in those older than 65 Gender : o 45-49yrs incidence of CAD in men 4x that of women o After menopause, evens out. o Systematic CAD 10 yrs earlier in men o 1/25 will die from BC, but 1/3 will die from CAD o 46% of women perceive breast cancer as their major health risk Heredity o Family history, ethnicity, genetic predisposition (Family Hypercholesterolemia) o Genetic defect in the LDL – receptor clearance mechanism Adenovirus – enhance infant fat cells First Nations o Higher prevalence of obesity o Elevated Type 2 Diabetes o High levels of smoking o Metabolic syndrome Modifiable: Diplipidemia o Abnormal blood lipid profile = high total cholesterol, high LDL, low HDL, and high TC o Intracellular cholesterol maintained tight regulation of cholesterol uptake synthesis storage, and efflux from the cell o LDL cellular uptake is regulated by a negative feedback o Enzyme HMG CoA reductase is rate limiting step of intracellular
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January 16th - CHSC 3P91 January 16th, 2008 Risk Factors...

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