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cause effect - Violence is a common but also dreadful piece...

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Violence is a common but also dreadful piece that has been around for decades and the numbers are not diminishing as the years rise. It is a topic that for many is sensitive and also for a majority of us a topic that is just plain frightening to hear and discuss. There are a couple forms of violence in which numbers have sprung since two decades ago. Forced rape and murder are the main points of terror and have gone from a terrible nightmare to something that could happen to you. Glancing back from the year 1980 it is daunting to compare the numbers of murders and forced rapes there have been and the percents increasing. Although there may not be thousands of more cases today than in the 80’s of violence, I do believe that drugs do have a bit more of an affect on today’s violence than say in the 1970’s or 1980’s. In 2005 East Orange, New Jersey had a horrifying experience in their neighborhoods and also in another part of New York, which were said to have been by the same man, they called him the “one-man crime spree.” (Smothers, Holl 2). Although there is no solid proof or evidence that this man was on any specific illicit drugs at the time of the crimes that were committed, he was sent to jail on prior accounts for drug several drug accounts on and off over the years. This man used the main two methods that are most “admired” if you will, to many rapists and killers today. This man not only raped women with using much force and conflicting pain onto them during the time but also after he was finished demeaning and mortifying the women he murdered them. Without any remorse or any anxiety this horrible man that had probably had many
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cause effect - Violence is a common but also dreadful piece...

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