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Thesis: Al Bernstein, a famous American writer, once said, “Success is often the result of taking a misstep in the right direction.” The success I have in and outside the classroom is the outcome of these proactive failures. I. Introduction A. Hook 1. Draw audience in with colorful opening line 2. Paint a picture of my success and contentment here at ASU. Then use a flash back. 3. Use flash back to explore the missteps in the past that have paved my path to ASU. B. Thesis 1. See thesis above. 2. Transition to body paragraphs. II. Body A. Failures 1. Discuss my failure in the classroom after my baseball career promptly ended. 2. Talk about how I lost who I was and what I represented. 3. Converse on how my relationships with family and friends broke down.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Lastly discuss how I felt when I hit rock bottom. 5. Transition to Success. B. Success 1. Tell my audience how I went from a 1.9 GPA to a 3.2 GPA in one year. a. This change came because of my rededication and hard work. b. Received a 3.8 and 4.0 in respective semesters. 2. Affirm how I found myself once again. 3. Establish my ability to rebuild my relationships with family and friends. 4. Lastly talk about how I feel today and my optimism for the future. 5. Transition to Conclusion. III. Conclusion: Reestablish the Thesis and its connection within the paper. Inspire my audience to believe that if one takes a misstep, to make it in the right direction....
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