exam ##2 study guide

exam ##2 study guide - Describe the place and importance of...

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Study Guide for Exam # 2 Define: Bolsheviks Bourgeoisie Capitalism Civil Religion Communism Deconstruction Dialectical materialism Fascism Islamic Fascism Marxism Metanarrative Modern Era Socialism Politburo Postmodern Era Pre-Modern Era Proletariat Be able to explain, defend, and critique each of the positions of Christ and Culture . Know Augustine’s position on the nature of human beings, education, eternal law, and the relationship of the church and state. Know Calvin and Luther’s basic views about the state. Know the central guiding principle for economic life in the New Testament. Know the forms of government and the social structure of ancient Israel. Know Dr. Smith’s positions on: Three major streams of influence in American society. Underlying assumptions about the original structure of American society. Why education became secularized.
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Unformatted text preview: Describe the place and importance of civil religion in American society. Know the primary contribution or philosophical perspective of the following individuals as discussed in class or the readings: Some of these we will discuss in class on 10/29 & 10/31. Jacques Derrida Frederick Douglas Frederich Engels Ludwig Feuerbach Georg Hegel Thomas Jefferson Martin Luther King Vladimir Lenin John Locke Jean-Francois Lyotard Karl Marx H. Richard Niebur Ronald Regan Pat Robertson Franklin Roosevelt Roger Williams John Winthrop John Witherspoon Be able to discuss: A definition for postmodernism and ways that a Christian can respond to a postmodern culture. The issues that relate to the separation of church and state in America. Is America a Christian nation? Should it be? Can it be? Your position in regard to the way that you personally relate to society....
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exam ##2 study guide - Describe the place and importance of...

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