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notes - What is a worldview-The term worldview is a...

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What is a worldview? -The term worldview is a translation of the German word Weltanshaums, which mean means “a way of looking at the world” -A worldview is like a mental map that tell us how to navigate the world effectively Three basic questions 1. How did it all begin? 2. What went wrong? 3. What can we do about it? Three basic questions from a Christian perspective 1. How did it all begin? Creation 2. What went wrong? Fall 3. What can we do about it? Redemption The basic Christian worldview “take every thought captive to obey Christ” II Corinthians 10:5 Modern Societies are divided -Religion is not considered an objective truth to which we submit, but only a matter of personal taste which we choose Private sphere (personal preferences) -Public sphere (scientific knowledge) Values (individual choice) Facts (binding on everyone) Questions for reflection 1. What is one issue over which society is divided by private values and public facts? Abortion, environmentalism 2. Do you usually find yourself in agreement with the public realm or do you often hold an opinion that is different than public consensus? The two-realm theory of truth Upper-story (nonrational, noncognitive) existence of god Lower-story (rational, verifiable) 2+2=4 Post modernism (subjective, relative to individuals) Modernism (objective, universally valid) Do we have two world views? Christian (the one we practice in private) Secular (the one we practice in public) The Christian Worldview: Basic Building Blocks What are we speculating about? We are speculating about seven basic questions! The seven basic questions #1 what is the prime reality or what is really real? God is the prime reality A. God is sovereign God’s dominion is total: he wills as he chooses and carries out all that he wills. None can prevent or thwart his plans B. God is both transcendent and immanent Transcendence Transcendence - God is neither limited by space nor by time
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God is immutable- he is totally consistent God is impassible- his feelings are deliberate and voluntary God’s actions involve all of him- he is totally integrated God is a spirit- therefore he must be worshipped not just intellectually but also spiritually God is separate from creation. He is above and beyond the universe he created Immanent God is close at hand God is concerned about, involved with and often intervenes in his creation C. God is personal Within the Godhead (Trinity) there is communication, intention, and love God always relates or reveals himself to humans in ways that are personal Questions for Reflection 1. Can you give and example of how you become ware of the sovereignty of God? 2. Can you illustrate from your own experience the fact that God is very personal? D. God is triune The trinity- father (creator), son (savior), holy spirit (comforter)= God God is one, but he reveals himself to us in three distinct persons who each have a different function Mathew 28:19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit #2 what is the nature of external reality?
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