quiz 6 - HUMA 201(A) Study Guide for Quiz # 6...

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Unformatted text preview: HUMA 201(A) Study Guide for Quiz # 6 Define:-Covenant of Creation: Gods relationship with man prior to the fall-Covenant of Redemption: Gods relationship with man after the fall- Hesed: loving kindness the covenant makers are expected to love one another; deep love and loyalty-Justice: rights and duties of each party to fulfill their obligations under the covenantal law-Righteousness: pertains to the conduct or attitude of the covenant parties; both man and God having the right and consistent conduct in all matters of the covenant agreement; an attribute of God that means all He says and does is without flaw-Stewardship: concept of man realizing and acting upon his ordained position as royal servant and missionary; human beings are responsible for culturally subduing the earth and ruling over creation as Gods stewards-Theocracy: a government where God is king or ruler of the state; when Israel first consisted of a group of tribes banded together by the covenant and their religious convictions Know: The difference between Greek and biblical thought with regard to society: Greeks thought man was center of life and social relationships and emphasized human efforts to build a society that embodies justice and goodness Bible presents God as focal point of all cultural activities and argues that Gods power, character, and norms should direct social development The two parts of Gods covenant upon which biblical society is based. Covenant of Creation and Covenant of Redemption The central social structure of ancient Israel. (marriage) Beth ab = house of the father; extended family Clan = groups of extended families who often claimed descent from a common ancestor Tribe = most complex social group; a group of clans descended from a common ancestor The aim of Hebraic education....
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/21/2008 for the course HUMA 201 taught by Professor Kemeny during the Spring '08 term at Grove City.

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quiz 6 - HUMA 201(A) Study Guide for Quiz # 6...

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