quiz 10 - HUMA 201(A) Study Guide for Quiz # 10 1. Know...

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HUMA 201(A) Study Guide for Quiz # 10 1. Know Skillen’s perspective on faith and politics. a. Jesus has everything to do with government and public policy and everything else that is part of  the human experience.  b. Believers either live entirely in the vine and bear Christlike fruit in all of life, or they become dead  branches.  c. NOT 100% on this one.   2. What Reformed biblical Themes relate to man’s responsibility in culture? a. God’s sovereignty over all of life  b. Doctrine of creation and particularly the truth that the entire creation was established and held  up by the Son of God, the Word of God.  c. Human responsibility: Biblically speaking, those who hold offices, such as government officials,  church officials, parents, teachers, and others, bear genuine, God given responsibility.  3. What are the principles of pluralism? a. Believers and unbelievers should enjoy the same common grace of God, the same rights, the  same protection of the law, the same standing as citizens in the political community b. Public legal recognition that human beings exercise a variety of different responsibilities and 
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/21/2008 for the course HUMA 201 taught by Professor Kemeny during the Spring '08 term at Grove City.

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quiz 10 - HUMA 201(A) Study Guide for Quiz # 10 1. Know...

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