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HUMA 201(A) Study Guide for Quiz # 11 1. What Calvin said was the task of Christians. a. To make the invisible kingdom of God visible. 2. What is necessary to advance the Kingdom of God. a. Christ’s death, resurrection and ascention of heaven is necessary to advance the kingdom of heaven. 3. The primary role of the Christian in the state. a. God ordained the state. Christians should encourage the state to promote justice in society. We should actively participate in the political process and support politics that insure fair and impartial treatment of all citizens. 4. What makes a college Christian? a. It should base its instruction upon biblical assumptions about God, humanity, knowledge and the cosmos. 5. The task of a Christian college student. a. Christian students are called to serve God thought all aspects of their educational experience. Your primary task is to give Jesus Christ preeminence in your life, in all that you do. Later as you serve God through your vocation, support Christian
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