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Study Guide for Quiz 2

Study Guide for Quiz 2 - HUMA 201(A Study Guide for Quiz 2...

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HUMA 201(A) Study Guide for Quiz # 2 What are the reasons for a person to attend college? o Better yourself, train for a job, etc. (WOTW) What % of college freshmen can explain their belief system? o More than 80% can’t, so less than 20% can. (WOTW) On what do evangelical Christians base their ethics? o The law of nature What specific things does C. S. Lewis observe about Christianity? o Does not make sense until you face the facts o You need to realize that there is moral law, a power behind the law that you have broken the law and that you have put yourself wrong with that power. o It also tells people to repent, and promises them forgiveness. What are two bits of evidence for Somebody? o 1 is the universe He has made o 2 is the moral law for which he has put into our minds What are the consequences of free will? o Because free will, though it makes evil possible, is also the only thing that makes possible any love or goodness or joy worth having. According to Lewis, what is it that “put us right with God?’ o Jesus? How does Moral Law direct the instincts? o It suppresses certain instincts and impulses and it encourages others.
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