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Relationalsim - Relationalism Monday 12:19 PM Modernism vs...

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Modernism vs. Postmodernism Modernism Post Modernism Moralism Hedonism Relativism Relationalism Everyone keeps rules/standards People have lists of rules (likes) that we follow Do something to get something Happiness of each person You still have agency Do something to get something Total final causal or , We are how we were constructed by society square4 Social constructionism Total formal causal Only tolerant of people who are tolerant Tolerance is the great moral Formal and final causal Relationships God square4 Parents square4 Morals It's not about be, it's about us (relationships) Compassion Love your enemies Tolerance He was fulfilling the letter of the law The only way that the laws could be fulfilled Christ did what he did for his own happiness It was the culturally accepted thing to do He's obeying his father He trusts his father Dialectical Science Church Authority Object/Subject Split
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