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WEEK 12: TRAIT VS. TYPE THEORY Briefly define and describe the five basic personality traits that McAdams discusses. (McAdams) 1. What are problems with personality traits and types, from nonlinear and dialectical perspectives? (class discussion) 2. Our ability to understand personality traits and types runs into problems when we think about them in nonlinear and dialectical terms. When we try to define a trait, for example, extroversion, we don't have anything objective to say about it. It is an abstraction which is merely a label. It's acontextual and atemporal. We can only understand extroversion in as to how it relates to introversion.
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Unformatted text preview: The degree to which something relates to the difference between extroversion and introversion allows us to define extroversion. This definition is very Simultaneous (formal causal) and therefore very non-linear since it is based on the present relationship and not the past. This is also a very dialectical understanding sine in order to know what something is (extroversion) you must know what it isn't (it's opposite introversion). How do personality inventories such as the MBTI misunderstand Jung’s theorizing? (class discussion) 3. Questions - Trait vs. Type Theory Wednesday, April 09, 2008 4:28 PM Class Notes 4 Page 1...
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