Student Alliance Bylaws

Student Alliance Bylaws - BYLAWS OF THE STUDENT ALLIANCE OF...

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PREAMBLE: The purpose of the Student Alliance Bylaws is to clearly define the terms initially set forth within the SA Constitution. Such a document, drafted to serve as a more concise framework for the internal management of SA, presents an efficient method of meeting the daily complexities of such an organization. It will act as the precise guideline by which SA shall conduct its general business. ARTICLE I - Student Assembly 1) Elections a) Elected positions available by popular vote of the Jacksonville University Student Body are the two executive officers: President, and Executive Vice President, and 31 Student Assembly member seats. b) The Executive Vice President shall act as the Elections commissioner unless he or she is a candidate in the elections. At such time, the President shall appoint an Assembly Member in good standing, who is not participating in the election, to be the Elections Commissioner, with Student Assembly approval. The Elections Commissioner shall: i) Ensure that the directives of this Article are fulfilled in an accurate and timely manner. ii) Supervise all election procedures, tally votes, and announce election results. iii) Be responsible for establishing, scheduling, and staffing polling places, attempting to offer opportunity to vote to a maximum number of students. Polling places must be decided in advance, and a list must be submitted concerning the location and schedule of polling places to the student news media and advertised about campus. Polling places must be open for at least six (6) hours on each day of voting. iv) Be responsible for developing an election manual, which should include spring and fall election procedures, voting eligibility, campaigning rules and regulations, and campaigning violations including consequences for such acts. He or she shall be at liberty to decide details of election proceedings not covered in the Constitution and these Bylaws, and shall distribute information about the election rules and procedures, polling places and times, violations thereof, candidate eligibility and other relevant information to all candidates at the time of application. This manual must be submitted to the Student Assembly for approval at least two weeks before elections take place. v) Act as chair of an elections committee, who shall serve and assist at the direction of the Elections Commissioner in the fulfillment of duties. vi) Appoint an Election Security Team , if need exists, for the purpose of patrolling and observing campaigning during elections and reporting its findings to the Elections Commissioner. c) Members of the Elections Committee and poll staff: i) Shall be appointed by the Elections Commissioner ii) May not be a candidate in the election. Thus, an elected or appointed member of SA is eligible to act with the Elections Committee provided he or she is not participating in the election.
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Student Alliance Bylaws - BYLAWS OF THE STUDENT ALLIANCE OF...

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