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Student Alliance Constitution - CONSTITUTION OF THE STUDENT...

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We, the members of the Student Body at Jacksonville University, desiring to: Provide leadership to the Student Body through student representation; Provide the opportunity for student discussion of relative and pertinent issues of the University; Represent the interests of the Student Body to the University; Provide a form of governance for the supervision of student clubs and organizations; Improve student cultural, social, and physical welfare; Do hereby ordain and establish this Constitution. ARTICLE I - Name and Composition 1) The name of this organization shall be the Jacksonville University Student Alliance (JU-SA). 2) SA shall consist of (1) the Executive Officers, (2) the Staff Officers, (3) a unicameral body to be called the Student Assembly; and (4) Committees both standing and ad-hoc ARTICLE II - Membership 1) All duly enrolled students of Jacksonville University who have paid the student life fee shall be members of the Student Body. 2) The Student Body is represented by elected officers and Assembly Members, forming SA. 3) Student Alliance of Jacksonville University shall be recognized as the official representative organization of the Student Body of Jacksonville University. ARTICLE III –Student Alliance Executive Officers 1) The official executive officers of SA shall be the President , and the Executive Vice-President . These officers shall support and implement the preamble, be voting members of the Executive Assembly only , and speak on motions when the Student Assembly is in session, in addition to the following duties and powers: a) President i) Shall be the Chief Executive and official representative of the Student Body. ii) Shall be responsible for carrying out the provisions of this Constitution and its Bylaws, and for administering and enforcing the decisions of the Student Assembly. iii) Shall be responsible for developing and promoting a channel of communication between the students and the University administration. iv) In the event of a vacancy in the Student Assembly or in the office of any SA position, shall, with Student Assembly approval, temporarily appoint a qualified student. v) Shall have the power to call emergency meetings of the Student Assembly. vi) Shall have the power to call and preside over any meetings of the SA, and Student Body when deemed necessary, with Student Assembly approval. vii) Shall be in charge of the Student Assembly’s daily operations and preside over weekly meetings of the Student Assembly. viii)Shall have the power to create Ad Hoc Committees in order to properly address particular issues. ix)
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Student Alliance Constitution - CONSTITUTION OF THE STUDENT...

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