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HUN 1201 STUDY GUIDE EXAM I Definitions: Chyme, Facilitated Diffusion, Requirement, Phytochemicals, Bolus, ABCDMV, Nutrient density, Organic, Essential nutrient. Amylase, Emulsifier, Gastrin, Water, Colon Function: Epiglottis, Sphincter muscles, Mucus, Portal vein, villi, pepsin, DRI Questions: 1. Exchange list: Fat categories; Same categories; Use 2. Food Label: How to read; Nutrients included; List of ingredients, health claims 3. The release of cholecystokinin is stimulated by 4. Calculate % calories 5. Energy per gram of fat, carbohydrate and protein. 6. Order of the sphincter muscles
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Where does peristalsis begin? 8. Describe the normal pH of the stomach 9. Passage of food through the GI tract 10. Where does digestion begin? 11. Name the components of a nutrition assessment 12. Inadequate utilization of a nutrient causes a __________ deficiency 13. The foundation of a healthful diet is ____________ 14. Bile is formed in the _________ and stored in the _________ 15. Portions of the small intestines 16. Distinguish between the 1995 and 2005 Food Guide Pyramid 17. Match glands with their secretions...
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