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STUDY GUIDE Exam V - 14 Most sulfur in foods is associated...

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HUN 1201 STUDY GUIDE EXAM V Definitions: Potassium. Ferritin, Transferrin, Osmosis Functions: Sodium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Iodine, Calcium, Zinc, Water Questions: 1. Calcium absorption is facilitated by______ and ________ 2. Minerals are found in the body as ____,_____ and______ 3. Minimum amount of water that needs to be excreted each day 4. Minerals that may lower blood pressure 5. Most dependable source of iodine in the American diet 6. Function of the sodium-potassium pump 7. _____ enhances absorption of non-heme iron 8. Symptoms of zinc deficiency 9. Consequence of excessive intake of zinc 10. Why do women have higher iron needs? 11. Major source of chloride in the diet 12. ______ deficiency is associated with impaired glucose tolerance 13. Major source of calcium in the diet
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Unformatted text preview: 14. Most sulfur in foods is associated with 15. Average daily loss of water from the body 16. Trace mineral content in plant foods depends upon 17. Characteristics of trace minerals 18. Location of most iron in the blood 19. Symptoms of iron deficiency 20. Functions of minerals in the body 21. Describe red blood cells associated with an iron deficiency 22. Sources of body water 23. Groups most susceptible to iron deficiency 24. Effective dietary treatment of hypertension 25. Possible dietary cause of iron deficiency in children 26. Average % absorption of dietary iron 27. Usefulness of hemoglobin levels in diagnosing iron deficiency 28. Greatest source of sodium in the diet 29. Usefulness of measuring blood calcium levels...
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STUDY GUIDE Exam V - 14 Most sulfur in foods is associated...

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