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STUDY GUIDE Exam IV - 13 Cigarette smoking increases the...

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HUN 1201 STUDY GUIDE EXAM IV Definitions: Beriberi, Precusor, Macrocytic anemia, Functions: Riboflavin, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Thiamin, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, B vitamins, Vitamin B6 Questions: 1. Minimum amount of Vitamin C needed to prevent scurvy 2. Why are vegans at risk of developing Vitamin B12 deficiency? 3. Consequences of niacin deficiency_____,______,______ and _______ 4. B vitamin most easily destroyed by light 5. Symptoms of a riboflavin deficiency_______ and _______ 6. Type of diet most likely to cause a niacin deficiency 7. Body system most likely to show effects of a Vitamin D deficiency 8. Rickets are a result of a deficiency of Vitamin 9. Needed for Vitamin B12 absorption 10. Sources of Vitamin B12 11. Richest source of thiamin 12. Best food source of riboflavin
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Unformatted text preview: 13. Cigarette smoking increases the need for Vitamin 14. Most reliable source of Vitamin D in the diet 15. Good sources of folate 16. Characteristics of fat soluble vitamins 17. Effects of high intake of nicotinic acid 18. Vitamin associated with coenzyme A 19. Biotin can be synthesized by 20. Amino acid that can be used to synthesize niacin 21. Determine niacin equivalents 22. Cause of hemolysis of red blood cells in premature infants 23. People who may benefit from vitamin supplements, _____, ______, _____ and_______ 24. Activity shared by folate and Vitamin B12 25. Vitamins most likely to cause toxicity if consumed in high amounts for long periods of time___,___,___ and____ 26. Food folate is attached to the amino acid...
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STUDY GUIDE Exam IV - 13 Cigarette smoking increases the...

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