STUDY GUIDE Exam II - 14. How do the bonds in starch differ...

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HUN 1201 STUDY GUIDE EXAM II Definitions: Lactose intolerance, Maltose, Glycemic effect, Fructose, Amylase, Hydrolysis, C6H12O6, Cholesterol, Glucose Functions: Carbohydrates, Fats, LDLs. Gluconeogenesis Questions: 1. Risk factors for atherosclerosis that can be reduced by behavioral change 2. Features of high fiber foods 3. Typical dietary sources of carbohydrate 4. Characteristics of all carbohydrates 5. Lipoprotein that contains the highest amount of cholesterol 6. Susceptibility to spoilage of fatty acids is determined by 7. Reason why saturated fatty acids increase serum cholesterol 8. End products of triglyceride digestion 9. Fate of carbohydrate after absorption 10. Cholesterol is not found in 11. The degree of saturation depends on the number of 12. Cholesterol can be used for 13. Fate of galactose after absorption
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Unformatted text preview: 14. How do the bonds in starch differ from those of cellulose? 15. Type 2 diabetes is associated with 16. Characteristics of phospholipids 17. Primary storage form of carbohydrate in the body 18. Starch digestion begins in the 19. End products of carbohydrate digestion 20. Component of all three disaccharides 21. Most dietary lipids are in the form of 22. Chief contributors of saturated fat in the diet 23. Newly absorbed fats appear as 24. Process of starch digestion 25. Short term storage of glucose occurs in 26. Characteristics of diabetes 27. Maximum % of energy intake from fat 28. Fuel for the brain and nervous system 29. Essential fatty acids 30. Minimum amount of carbohydrate needed daily 31. % of energy intake from carbohydrate...
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STUDY GUIDE Exam II - 14. How do the bonds in starch differ...

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