Study Guide Exam III - 13 Describe the fate of metabolized...

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HUN 1201 STUDY GUIDE EXAM III Definitions: Biological Value, Positive Nitrogen Balance, Glycolysis, Coenzyme, Metabolism, Denaturation Functions: Protein, Pepsin, Mitochondria, Ribosome, Anabolic reactions 1. Under what circumstances does deamination occur? 2. Signs of protein deficiency include? 3. Characteristics of a high quality protein include? 4. Who would be in nitrogen equilibrium? 5. What is the fate of the amino group after deamination? 6. How do plant proteins compare to animal proteins? 7. What can acetyl CoA be used to synthesize? 8. What distinguishes proteins from fat and carbohydrates? 9. What is the basic structural unit of a protein? 10. Excess acetyl CoA leads to synthesis of? 11. List the sequence of events for the oxidation of glucose. 12. ATP production is related to the number of ____ atoms.
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Unformatted text preview: 13. Describe the fate of metabolized glucose. 14. Without a shift to ketosis during starvation death would occur in ____ weeks 15. The likely cause of high blood ammonia levels is? 16. ______ would most rapidly reverse a state of ketosis 17. Effects of long term PEM in children include. 18. How do proteins regulate blood pH? 19. How is a peptide bond formed 20. % of total energy intake from protein is usually? 21. Protein hydrolysis begins in the _________. 22. The shape of a protein is determined by_____ _____ _____ _____ 23. The electron transport chain produces_____ and _____. 24. Another name for the anit-codon is ____________. 25. Advantages of vegetarian diets include? 26. Characteristics of marasmus include?...
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Study Guide Exam III - 13 Describe the fate of metabolized...

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