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I. Relativity of Deviance a. Absolute – judging certain behaviors and characteristics to be good or bad and right or wrong by comparing them to some fixed standards. i. Religious standards b. Statistical – Deviance involves a departure from an established average. i. 7 foot tall man is deviant c. Relative – based on social definitions of some group. II. Explanations of Deviance a. Non-Sociological Approaches i. Biological Approach ~ arising, at least in part, from people’s physical or biological make up. 1. Lombroso a. Thoroughly Rejected ii. Psychological Approach ~ deviance is believed to result from
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Unformatted text preview: some personality disorder or maladjustments that develops, often during childhood. b. Functionalist Perspective i. Emile Durkheim – Provided one of the explanations for high levels of deviance and crime in industrial societies. One of the key features of industrial societies, he argued, is the weakening of many of the social bonds important in preindustrial societies. 1. One of key mechanisms constraining people from committing crimes or engaging in other socially disapproved activities are bonds to family and church....
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