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1. Define education, modernization and civilization. Education – the systematic, formal process through which specialized teachers transmit skills, knowledge, and values to students. Modernization – the social and economic changes that accompany the transition to an industrial economy Civilization – defined in terms of an industrialized and urbanized society 2. Specialized educational institutions first began to emerge in which type of society? Agricultural societies 3. What were some of the characteristics of education in large agricultural societies such as ancient China and Greece? a. Education in ancient China and Greece were for the elite and they taught philosophy, religion, and moral training or future ruling class. 4. What are some of the major functions of education, according to the functionalist perspective? a. Transmission of culture and skills b. Custody of the young c. Social networking for the young d. Innovation and change e. Sorting and social mobility 5. How does the conflict perspective view education? a. Promoting existing political and economic arrangements i. Hidden curriculum b. The credentials race c. Education and social inequality i. Social Reproduction 6. How did European colonizers deal with native cultures from the fifteenth to the nineteenth century? Viewed indigenous cultures as uncivilized Tried to replace religion, political system, and economic arrangements with European systems Virtual destroyed tribal structures 7. Why, according to the text, is the process of modernization part of the world system of capitalist development? a. The needs of labor and receptive markets produced an intense interest on the part of industrial nations regarding social and economic developments in less developed nations of the world (p360) 8. What does the “hidden curriculum” refer to?
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a. The training of students in values and norms that help to perpetuate the existing system of stratification 9. How does the functionalist perspective view the “credentialing” of society? a. It reflects the higher level of skill and education needed for occupations today. 10. According to the text, the ‘credentials race’ would probably be least beneficial to which group(s) in the US? a. The poor 11. Why are the children of affluent families more likely to succeed in the job market? a. The affluent children will have a better education 12. Explain labeling, ability grouping, tracking and self fulfilling prophecy? a. Labeling – how competent and intelligent they have become in school b. Ability grouping – grouping students together with similar abilities and educational goals c. Tracking – same as ability grouping d. Self fulfilling prophecy – they go along with their label 13. According to the text, what is the major argument of the largest group of critics of the educational system in the US?
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SO101REVIEWQUESTIONS - 1 Define education modernization and...

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