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Systematic, formal learning 1) Informal Education a. Preindustrial Societies b. Students: boys from wealthy families c. Content: philosophy, religion, moral ethics, rulers 2) Colonialization of Education a. Cultural diffusion b. 12 th /13 th century: the Crusades c. 15 th -19 th century: colonialism d. India e. Local :supportive of colonial control f. 1700’s industrialization in Europe (N,W) specialized schools training focused on science and technology g. Formal Systematic Education 3) Modernization of Education a. 19 th – 20 th Century: expansion of industrial colonialism b. Cheap labor c. Cheap raw materials d. Receptive market e. Social and Economic changes that accompany the transition to an industrial economy Sociological Perspectives on Education 1) Functionalist a. b. Custody of the young c. Innovation of change d. Sorting of social mobility i. Status attainment process (SES) 2) Conflict a. Education can be a mechanism for powerful groups to limit the opportunities of the less fortunate in society b. Promote the existing political/economic system i. Promote ideology of capitalism ii. Hidden curriculum: training students in norms, values, beliefs that help perpetuate the status quo. 1. conforming labor force c. credentials of race i. degree inflation 1. Functionalist View 2. Conflict View : ~15% of the increase in education requirements for jobs during the 20
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SO101Exam4NOTES - Ch 12 Education and Mass Media...

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