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2 page essay on anything on Sociology – Extra Credit Extra Ten Points! Chapter 5 Deviance – Behavior (How people act) Ideas (How people think) Attitudes (How people appear) Of Individual or Group that some people in society find offensive, wrong, immoral, sinful, evil, strange, or disgusting. 3 Elements: -Behavioral Norms/Expectations -Violation of the norms/expectations -Societal Reactions to the Violation Sociological Perspectives on Deviance ( Functionalist, Conflict, Interactionalist ) Non-Sociological Perspectives on Deviance ( Biological ) Absolutist vs. Relativist Inherent Deviance Deviance is in Eye of Beholder Mentally Socially Constructed Psychologically Defined by Humans Physically Ever Changing 1980’s Sydney Biddle Barrows Established a high class brothel. .. named as mayflower madam. Wrote Best Seller Book. Prostitution Mercy Killing… is it deviant? Is it murder? Non-Sociological Perspectives: Biological Approach: Cesare Lombroso~ Genetics determine who will be criminals and who will not be. Psychological Approach: Because of certain psychological needs *Excessive dependency needs *Aggressiveness *Childhood experiences
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Sociological Perspectives: Durkheim: Functionalist , Social Tie/ Bound When the tie is too weak Social Disorganization Crimes, Social Disorder Robert Morton: Proposed anomie theory *Inconsistencies in the social system *Contradictions in the social system *based on success *culturally approved means goal culturally defined *if people have goal but have no means to reach the goal, they become depressed and become anomie Modes of Adaption Conformity : to culturally approved means, but not the goals Innovation : accept culturally defined goal, however they do not conform to the culturally approved means. (illegal… ex. growing pot) Ritualism : Those people in society that accept the goal and the means but they are compulsive accept the culturally approved means. Ex. Minor Bureaucrats Reatreatist : Refer to people who have become disheartened aftering fighting and working hard and not being successful, so they withdraw from society. Alcoholic, Drug Addictions, etc. Rebellion : Reject both culturally defined goal, and culturally approved means. Radical. Supportive Evidence of anomie’s theory include: -property crimes -Economic recession vs. economic boom - crime rates high in recession, low in boom -employment status -working woman, higher -single parent, higher - family vacation -consumer spending Theft/shoplifters -shopping centers ‘’ Criticisms of Anomie Theory -Different groups aspire to word the same culturally defined goals? -Why people have different responses to anomie? Sociological Perspectives as Defined in the Text. Conflict:
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SO101NOTESEXAM2 - 2 page essay on anything on Sociology...

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