SO101 TEST1REVIEWQUESTIONS - 1Define concepts sociology,...

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1Define concepts sociology, theory, theoretical perspective, variable, hypothesis, sociological imagination, and micro-situations 2Whats the basic premise of sociology 3Differences between applied and basic sociology 4Diff between macro and micro sociology 5A key element of sociology is the recognition that beliefs, values, and behaviors are relative to particular groups or societies. What does this mean? 6What insight does sociology offer regarding the gender gaps/misunderstandings betw adolescents and their parents 7Who r the founders of sociology 8Durkheims classical study on suicide; what are his major findings, what r the 4 types of suicide and examples for each 9Characteristics of science 10How r common sense beliefs related to soc research 11Understand 3 major soc perspectives and know differences 12Diff betw manifest and latent functions 13How do functionalists and conflict theorists view the functions of mass media 14Understand the 4 types of research methods Advantages Disadvantages
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SO101 TEST1REVIEWQUESTIONS - 1Define concepts sociology,...

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