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Just Passing Through - a. Boundaries i. Superior (base) 1....

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Just Passing Through 1. Axilla a. Boundaries i. Anterior 1. Muscles a. Pectoralis major b. Subclavius c. Pectoralis minor d. ii. Posterior 1. Muscles a. Subscapularis b. Teres major c. Latissimus dorsi d. Triceps brachii (long head) iii. Lateral 1. Humerus iv. Medial 1. Serratus anterior v. Superior 1. Clavicle 2. Superior margin of scapula 2. Cubital Fossa a. Boundaries i. Lateral 1. Brachioradialis ii. Medial 1. Pronator teres iii. Posterior (base) 1. Brachialis 2. Elbow iv. Superior 1. Imaginary line between medial and lateral epicondyles v. Anterior (roof) 1. Superficial fascia and skin b. Components i. Tendons of biceps brachii ii. Brachial Artery – bifurcates at apex (inferior) into radial and ulnar iii. Median cubital vein (in roof) iv. Median nerve 3. Carpal tunnel a. Boundaries i. Posterior 1. Carpal Arch (carpal bones) ii. Anterior
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1. Flexor retinaculum iii. Medial 1. Pisiform 2. Hamate iv. Lateral 1. Scaphoid 2. Trapezium b. Components i. Tendons 1. Flexor digitorum profundus 2. Flexor digitorum superficialis 3. Flexor pollicis longus ii. Median Nerve 4. Femoral triangle
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Unformatted text preview: a. Boundaries i. Superior (base) 1. inguinal ligament ii. Medial 1. Adductor longus (medial border) iii. Lateral 1. Satorius (medial border) iv. Posterior (floor) 1. Pectineus and adductor longus (medial) 2. Iliopsoas b. Components i. Femoral Nerve ii. Femoral Artery iii. Femoral Vein 5. Popliteal Fossa a. Boundaries i. Anterior 1. Knee joint 2. Popliteus muscle ii. Superior 1. Medial Side a. Semitendinosus b. Semimembranosus 2. Lateral Side a. Biceps femoris iii. Inferior 1. Medial Side a. Gastronemius 2. lateral side a. gastronemius b. Components i. Popliteal Artery ii. Popliteal Vein iii. Tibial nerve iv. Common fibular nerve 6. Tarsal Tunnel a. Boundaries i. Medial 1. Flexor retinaculum ii. Lateral 1. Ankle b. Components i. Tendons 1. Tibialis posterior 2. Flexor digitorum longus 3. Flexor hallucis longus ii. Tibial nerve iii. Posterior tibial artery...
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Just Passing Through - a. Boundaries i. Superior (base) 1....

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