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Geography Paper - GEOG 3422 Elizabeth Pike/Joni Palmer...

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GEOG 3422 Elizabeth Pike/Joni Palmer October 24, 2007 Exercise #2 Corruption: Mountaintop Removal The Bush administration is doing what it does best in corporate America. He and his colleagues have the Appalachian region in West Virginia politically hog tied. He has made all the right moves to gain total control of the government and sway even the Office of Surface Mining who is suppose to regulate the standards of mining to a higher level. The Bush administration has taken control of the United States Department of Interior and now has all the power in West Virginia to pursue the mining of coal with its new technology mountaintop removal. While each of the actors influence is undeniable, three primary actors are noticeably more influential than the others; the Massey Energy Company, the Office of Surface Mining, and the Bush administration each serve as major factors in the devastating destruction of mountaintop removal. The Massey Energy Company is the fourth largest coal producer in United States and is responsible for “2.2 billion tons of coal reserves in southern West Virginia, eastern Kentucky, southwest Virginia and Tennessee or about a third of all Central Appalachian reserves,” (cite source here). The company’s production of 40 million tons of coal annually—as well as 5,000 employees—is controlled by CEO and President Don Blankenship. The company is involved in lots of personal political spending: Blankenship has donated millions to back candidates on the West Virginia State Supreme Court that can replace Warren McGraw who fought against the process of mountaintop removal.
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Geography Paper - GEOG 3422 Elizabeth Pike/Joni Palmer...

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