Muscular Compartments

Muscular Compartments - a Biceps femoris b Semitendinosus c...

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Muscular Compartments 1. Anterior component of arm (flexors) a. Corocobracialis b. Biceps brachii c. Brachialis 2. Posterior component of arm (extenders) a. Triceps brachii 3. Anterior component of forearm (flexors) a. Flexor carpi ulnaris b. Palmaris longus c. Flexor carpi radialis d. Pronator teres e. Flexor digitorum superficialis f. Flexor digitorum profundus g. Flexor pollicis longus h. Pronator quadratus 4. Posterior component of forearm (extenders) a. Brachioradialis b. Extensor carpi radialis longus c. Extensor carpi radialis brevis d. Extensor digitorum e. Extensor digiti minimi f. Extensor carpi ulnaris g. Anconeus h. Supinator i. Abductor pollicis longus j. Extensor pollicis brevis k. Extensor pollicis longus l. Extensor indicis 5. Rotator cuff muscles a. Supraspinatus b. Infraspinatus c. Subscapularis d. Teres minor 6. Medial component of thigh (adductors of hip) a. Gracilis b. Pectineus c. Adductor longus d. Adductor brevis e. Adductor magnus f. Obturator externus 7. Posterior compartment of thigh (hamstrings)
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Unformatted text preview: a. Biceps femoris b. Semitendinosus c. Semimembranosus 8. Anterior compartment of thigh (quadriceps femoris) a. Psoas major b. Iliacus c. Vastus medialis d. Vastus intermedius e. Vastus lateralis f. Rectus femoris g. Sartorius 9. Lateral component of leg (evertion of foot) a. Fibularis longus b. Fibularis brevis 10. Anterior compartment of leg (dorsiflexion and extension of digits) a. Tibialis anterior b. Extensor hallucis longus c. Extensor digitorum longus 11. Posterior compartment of leg (plantarflexion and flexion of digits) a. Gastronemius b. Soleus c. Popliteus d. Flexor hallucis longus e. Flexor digitorum longus f. Tibialis posterior 12. Gluteal Region a. Piriformis b. Obturators internus c. Gemellus superior d. Gemellus inferior e. Quadratus femoris f. Gluteus minimus g. Gluteus medius h. Gluteus maximus i. Tensor fascia latae...
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Muscular Compartments - a Biceps femoris b Semitendinosus c...

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