anchorman - Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy Charles...

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Unformatted text preview: Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy Charles Hargrave CSU ID#: 2433947 COM 221 A particular favorite of mine, there are several key elements in this film that make it a timeless, comedic, classic. The three main points I will discuss in this review are the story, writing, and acting. A cast of many very talented actors and actresses is a big reason why this movie was such a success. Including, but not limited to, Will Farrell, Christina Applegate, and Paul Rudd. The writing was also really an important role in the constant laughter one endures while watching it, only allowing breathes of air between each random one-liner. Finally, the story is a series of random plot twists that always keeping the audience guessing at what amusing mishap will occur next. However, not just limited to these elements, this movie is extremely humorous and entertaining(when not taken too seriously). The story of Ron Burgundy is a quite utterly ridiculous one, with many comic yet unexpected twists. The hilarity of it, can be summed up best by the opening text: The following is based on actual events. Only the names, locations and events have been changed It takes place in the mid to late '70s, in the sunny locale of San Diego. A time when the local anchorman 'reigned supreme.' He was a highly regarded and loved idol of the city. As they finish one of their daily evening news reports, the news studio boss, Ed Harkin, gleefully tell the news team that they have take first place in the ratings. Partying for their recent success, the news team is briefly introduced giving a short description of themselves. Brian, the classy, fashionable ladies man as the field reporter; Champ, the rowdy, lewd, sports commentator; and Brick, the empty- headed, clueless weatherman. The next morning, in a hungover daze, Ed Harkin explains to the crew that 'network' has decided to bring in a new anchor, due to the lack of diversity. An anchor woman , instantly throwing the group into a yelling frenzy(of which Brick is too absent-minded to know what's going on). A Ms. Veronica Corningstone(Applegate), who is as talented and ambitious as she is beautiful. Ron is love struck by the new addition, and soon tries his best to win her over. His attempts are thwarted at first as Veronica wants to remain professional, however Ron eventually convinces her to allow him to escort her about town, as she is new there and wants to became familiarized with the city. A stop at a local bar and a jazz flute performance is all it takes for her to fall under Mr. Burgundy's spell. Having 'physically' connected, Veronica tells Ron that she wants to keep their affair a secret, as she wants to be viewed as a professional and not just his girlfriend. To which he replies tasteful discretion is the name of the game. The very next scene, Ron is seen standing in his office with the rest of the news team, while he yells Me and Veronica had sex and we are in love!. Followed shortly by a of the news team, while he yells Me and Veronica had sex and we are in love!...
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anchorman - Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy Charles...

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