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play review 3 machinal - Charles Hargrave Play Review #1...

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Charles Hargrave Play Review #1 DRA 225 10:00 – 11:50 Holly Holsinger Machinal By Sophie Treadwell A Cleveland State University production, directed by the lovely Holly Holsinger, it was performed on November 29 th in the Factory Theatre. A captivating story of a woman's life and the harsh reality she is thrown into, it follows her from her menial desk job, to her torturous and loveless marriage, and to eventually the electric chair. I was quite impressed by the overall dedication and devotion to the story that most of the characters had. By the end of the performance, I still felt somewhat attached to it and had several lingering questions. The set was much more complex and intricate than I had expected. There were several very large gears, that actually moved at several points in the play. Also, a small walkway went above the main area, and gave another level to each scene, opening up many options. The last few minutes Helen is in the room before the execution, the upper walkway gave a convenient
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This note was uploaded on 04/21/2008 for the course DRA 225 taught by Professor Holsinger during the Fall '07 term at Cleveland State.

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play review 3 machinal - Charles Hargrave Play Review #1...

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