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Introductory Biology I (BIO 181) Fall 2006 Review questions for final exam 1. The Biosphere (the entire portion of earth that is inhabited by earth) and Ecology (the study of the interactions between living organisms and their environments). a. levels of organization and interaction. 1. Organism 2. Population – group of organisms of same species that co-exist 3. Community – an assemblage of populations that co-exist 4. Ecosystem – the biological community together with its biotic and abiotic components. b. factors affecting distribution of organisms 1. Pangaea breaking “continental draft” 2. Dispersal – movement away from center of origin or greatest density 3. Abiotic factors – climate and topography 2. Population Ecology. a. ecological niche . 1. the sum total of a species use of the biotic and abiotic resources in its environment. b. demography: (the scientific study of human population dynamics . It encompasses the study of the size, structure and distribution of populations, and how populations change over time due to births, deaths, migration and ageing .) 1. life table – an age specific summary of the survival pattern of a population that follows fate of
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Bio181FinalExamGuide1 - Introductory Biology I (BIO 181)...

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