west. civ jan23 - Hellenic Age- Graco meant foreigner, name...

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Hellenic Age- Graco meant foreigner, name for themselves- Hellas Hellas- the conditions Semi-arid, not much rain No major navigable rivers, little rain Sparse woodlands Pasture land rare, not a lot of cattle, horses Mountainous “wine-dark sea”, temperamental (storms, currents) long periods of cloudless, sunny days the results dependent on mountain springs poor resources rare pastures- affects infantry the wine-dark sea made travel difficult, communities very independent periods of sunny day- ‘open’ culture- theatres, spent time on temple steps, agora Greek origins- Minoans/Crete- not afraid of anyone, reside on Crete. Myth- King Minos, wife Gave birth to menotar, kept it. Beat Athens, 7 youths sent to labyrinth to be eaten. 1500 BC Naval power (wall) on Crete No fortresses- dependent on ships for protection Elaborate, colorful temples Bull’s horns in architecture Influenced the Mycenaeans Mycenaeans invasion of Hellas- 2000 BC Horsemen, chariots Warrior culture Crete Trade Conquest of Crete Cultural fusion by 1600 BC Not united people, just spoke same language Large walls, lions at entrance Culture Gold, metal working Maritime trade Small, independent kings Warrior aristocracy Stone forts, ceremonial hall for king Writing system Rising chaos- fall of the Hittites, decline in Egypt, Mediterranean trade/economy damaged Engage in piracy & raiding Probable destruction of Troy, 1200 BC Dorian invasion
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west. civ jan23 - Hellenic Age- Graco meant foreigner, name...

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