west. civ apr2 - The end of the renaissance Niccolo...

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Niccolo machiavelli Florentine author Believer in the Florentine republic The dour realist Anxiety for italy’s future Appeal for a strong leader: the Prince (1513) Wrote it to Lorenzo medichi No unity, was worried about italy’s future Proposed 3 branches of government Bad rep- italy was in a bad way, though he was actually poking fun From near-unification to fragmentation- 1500s critical century Power of catholic church broken as new religious movements arose Groundbreaking invention Moveable type (the PRINTING PRESS) Johannes Gutenberg (1400-1468) Wooden letters, metal roller Paper Gutenberg bible (1452) Available to more people An attempt to unify Europe- the Hapsburgs (1500) Maximilian I of the holy roman empire marries heir of burgundy, his son Philip of It all come together w/ charles V 1/3 of europe’s area: spain, Netherlands, burgundy, flanders, sicily, & much of germany lived 1500-58, king of spain 1516-56, holy roman emperor 1519-56 nearly unifies Europe under a single monarch why did he fail? Austria attacked by ottoman turks (Constantinople fell in 1453) France attacks The reformation (martin luther) Political & social differences in ruled countries All attacks at the same time RESULT: Europeans have come to view themselves differently. (don’t accept being ruled by a single ruler anymore) charles V retires to monastery. The reformation
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west. civ apr2 - The end of the renaissance Niccolo...

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