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] February 16, 2006 History of Western Civ. 2 Professor Kent According to Bondfield, what was life like for her and her coworkers? Obviously, the quality of life was far from good for Bondfield and her coworkers according to her accounts. They were fighting against outrageous work hours and the living in system, which prevented them from living a normal social life and having contact with companions outside their job. They were unable to socialize and meet new people, but that was the least of their worries. Due to their low wages, they had significant concern for where there next meal was to come from. According to Bondfield, after five years of saving as much as she could while working in Brighton, she
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Unformatted text preview: had saved 5 pounds. This was a lot to her, but had it not been for “the kindness of a landlady”, she might have given up her job search. To sum it up, life for her was miserable and after moving to London she soon found out that all assistant jobs were as bad as her job in Brighton. Bondfield described her job search as a “nightmare” and even wrote that her coworkers would have to work hard even after their unfair hours just to help members of their family. It sure was a different life back then where marriage seemed to be the only route to a normal lifestyle for a woman....
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