theatre survey show paper 2

theatre survey show paper 2 - I walked into the theater...

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I walked into the theater with the stage set as a restaurant. It was very elaborate and was excited to see this show. I had actually planned on auditioning for the show, but with my foot surgery this past summer, that didn’t happen. I had gotten the soundtrack to the show and actually knew some of the songs. I was really excited to see “Ooh, My Feet” and “My Heart is So Full of You.” The show began wonderfully with Cleo’s song. I was really impressed with the performer who played Cleo. She is very talented. As time went on, the show got better and better. The show ran smoothly and the actors knew their spaces well. Normally shows have one or two noticeable mess-ups, but I don’t remember seeing one mistake the entire performance. So many aspects of the show impressed me. First- the actors themselves were amazing. The acting was so good I believed the story. The singing was unbelievable. There was so much talent up on that stage. The actress that played Cleo was larger than life, which fit her character. She had a great and believable southern accent. The actress that played Rosabella, or Amy, was flawless. Her voice was heavenly and her acting was perfection. She’s going to go places! The actress who played Marie was an excellent villain, even if she doesn’t like it ;). She wasn’t too evil so the audience could sympathize with her a little. Last but not least, the actor that played Tony… words cannot describe. He carried that show. He was so believable as Tony, I got a little emotional towards the end! I can’t say enough about his performance. The accent was perfect. I would have been content if it had been only him on that stage the entire time. I
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theatre survey show paper 2 - I walked into the theater...

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