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hist1020HW3 - continue work without stop for several hours...

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John Sweazey February 9, 2006 History of Western Civilization II Professor Kent Homework #3 I live a pretty miserable life and work a very miserable job. Typically, I arrive at work at around 5:40 am so I have a little time to talk with my coworkers and some time to go to the bathroom before the first bell sounds at 5 till and we have to report to our stations. Usually my overseer does not allow me to go to the bathroom during work hours. I then work without talking to anyone around, but instead with my head down, never allowing my hands to stop moving should the overseer see me idling. Following this, I have a half hour break at 8 for breakfast in which I eat a piece of bread or two and
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Unformatted text preview: continue work without stop for several hours. Some days, I keep an eye out for others stealing equipment because if I turn them in I can make a little extra silver. I stop for a tea break and a dinner break later in the day and upon leaving the building, I am usually searched by the overseer in case I have stolen anything. I cannot argue with him about this. At 7 pm, the day ends and I am exhausted. I leave the workplace with very little money to show for my effort and I feel degraded as I am once again searched for stolen goods on the way out. I clean up my work area and head home to prepare for another horrible day....
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