west. civ mar26 - Black Death might not have been the...

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Black Death might not have been the Bubonic Plague Believed spread by fleas on rats Spread to Iceland, so maybe spread by person to person Starts in Italy, arriving from East Waves of plague traveled back and forth across Europe Some places lose up to 2/3 of their population Estimated loss life: 25-40% of Europe Psychological effects of the plague The Great Equalizer Mortality considered, death a common character in art Art- the Decameron- story about a group leaving to protect city Church power diminished Economic effects New land opened to fresh development New profit-minded nobility/merchants look for cash crops Loss of population leads to: Increased value of labor (peasants see their own worth) Introduction of labor-saving devices Peasant revolts Trouble brewing Robin hood story becomes popular The binds of serfdom Limitations- travel, marriage, career Power of the nobility (economic, social, political, militarily) High cost of war Hard to control peasants in the chaos The result- Late middle ages punctuated by a series of peasant revolts in Europe The Jacquerie (May 1358) French “Jacques” 1 month in France during the hundred years war nobility increase taxes to pay for armies to fight English a combined force of nobles/knights from France, England, & Navarre kill rebels Wat Tyler’s Rebellion (June 1381) The Black Death: labor scarce, peasants sense their own worth
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west. civ mar26 - Black Death might not have been the...

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