Does Water Have a Future

Does Water Have a Future - Maura Cashen Dr.Ren ENGL 102 7...

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Maura Cashen Dr .Ren ENGL 102 7 February 2008 Does Water Have a Future? Everyone has a passion . For some, this passion is out of the ordinary like Sandor Ellix Katz who has a passion for food . You may say that a passion for food is not unique; however, Katz isn’t into growing, cooking or eating food . His passion involves food as a movement. In his book, The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved, he stresses the importance of people learning where food is coming from and at what cost . One chapter in the book “Water: Source of All Life” is dedicated to the one food all humans need to survive – water . Katz stresses the importance of people working together to protect water sources that are being destroyed, depleted, and polluted . While this chapter presents compelling arguments about what is happening to our water and why the public needs to get involved in protecting this natural resource, it falls short to provide concrete ideas on how to get involved – an essential element to any book about food as a movement . Water is basic to all life on earth, especially humans who have bodies made up of 70% water (323) . Katz explains in the beginning of the chapter how water has played an important part in history of man with “life began in water and radiated out onto land from shore .”(323) Reliable water sources have been and continue to be critical deciding factor in where we build our cities . In essences “whoever controls water has power and social control .” Katz believes that something so valuable needs to be
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protected . Blind trust of those in charge to protect our water supplies is dangerous to the health of our planet . As with the entire book, Katz is calling the public to become aware and to get involved. One of the problem areas discussed by the author is the over usage of water supply sources for
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Does Water Have a Future - Maura Cashen Dr.Ren ENGL 102 7...

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