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A1 PsykTrek History - 10 pts

A1 PsykTrek History - 10 pts - Psych 1071 Assignment 1 of...

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Psych 1071 Assignment 1 ____ of 10 points Type Here : Due: Jan. 21, 2008 Getting Started Given Name Family Name D ownload This Assignment Sheet _____ of 5 points Note : For Psych 1071 assignments, download the document, type in your responses, and print it out. Handwritten copies will NOT be accepted. Go to the Psych 1071 Blackboard site. Download the Word file for Assignment 1. Save a copy to your storage device with a filename something like: Psych 1071- A1 – S. Zimmerman  (but use your name instead of mine) Open the document, type your responses in the space after the instructions or questions (the space will expand with your response) . No need to change the formatting…just type! Save the changes!!! Print out a copy of Assignment 1. Staple if necessary. U se PsykTrek for This Assignment _____ of 5 points 1. Insert the PsykTrek CD-ROM and take the “Guided Tour” to learn how to use PsykTrek. (to start the tour, click on the photo of Pavlov’s dog on the opening page.) 2. Go back to the navigation cube on the opening page of PsykTrek. Turn the cube to see all four
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