HW3 - Hemispheric Specialization - 15 pts

HW3 - Hemispheric Specialization - 15 pts - Psych1071...

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Unformatted text preview: Psych1071 Homework 3 ____ / 15 points P s y k T r e k S im u la tio n 2 G iv e n N a m e F a m ily n a m e Hemispheric Specialization Due: Mon., Feb. 4 Wed., Feb. 6, 2008 R EAD “Learn About This Simulation” and respond to the following ____ of 5 points 1. Finish this thought ( 1 point ): “Previous research has shown that stimuli requiring visuo-spatial processing are typically recognized more quickly by … 2. Concisely and precisely describe the stimuli used in this simulation. ( 1 point ) 3. Concisely and precisely describe the IV and specify its two levels variations in this simulation ( 1 point ) 4. Concisely precisely describe the DV in this simulation and specify how it can vary. ( 1 point ) 5. What is your hypothesis for this experiment? ( 1point ) If your hypothesis is supported by the data, what would you expect to find (means, p values)? Do the Simulation and Respond to the Following ____ of 10 points 6. Did your data support the hypothesis? Explain. ( 3 points ) Hint...
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