SG RD 00 - The Psych 1071 Study Guide What's The Purpose Of...

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The Psych 1071 Study Guide What’s The Purpose Of This Study Guide? To guide you in your studies in this course. To do well in this course, you must do well on the graded coursework* which includes: Homework Assignments that rely on your understanding of the theories and principles you will study in assigned readings. For example,, in order for you to do a good job on the assignment to train Morphy, the virtual rat, to press the lever 15 times, you must understand the principles of operant conditioning as presented in Chapter 6. Quiz items are based specifically on the assigned readings in the course textbook, Psychology: Themes and Variations, 7ed. Exam items are based on the assigned readings, in-class discussions, and homework assignments. * Please don’t ask for “extra work” at the end of the term! What’s In This Study Guide? For each chapter you find a set of the following: Study Objectives . There are just a few comprehensive objectives for each section of reading. However, in order to accomplish them, you should also have studied at a more basic level (such as define, summarize, describe, etc.) Note: Finish studying these before doing the Discussion Questions. Discussion Questions . After studying the assigned readings, sketch out some discussion notes and bring them to class. Include: Your “answers” DO NOT write an essay; just jot down main points. (This
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/21/2008 for the course PSYCH 1071 taught by Professor Curby during the Spring '08 term at Temple.

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SG RD 00 - The Psych 1071 Study Guide What's The Purpose Of...

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