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Introduction to Asian Religions Final Review Sheet – TUJ Fall 2007 Sikhism Amritsar Golden Temple – located up in the Punjab region of India; e.g of a gurdwara (sikh hall for worship / welfare activities) Guru Nanak b. 1469 – 1 st guru Adi Granth – “original collection” sacred text (also considered to be one’s teacher / guru) Granth Sahib – “sacred collection” alternate name Khalsa – pure order of militant defenders of the Sikh faith, founded by the tenth Guru Gobind Singh in 1699. Symbolized by 5 K’s: Kais uncut hair Kirpan sword or dagger Kachha short pants Kangha comb Kara wrist guard Singh – (lion) common male surname Kaur – (princess) common female name Nam – THE NAME (of god - who is neither Hindu nor Muslim). Syncretism - the mixing and melding of religious traditions (e.g. polytheistic Hinduism + monotheistic Islam). Background info on Islam (i.e. “submission” to God): The Five Pillars of Islam: 1. Shahadah – statement of faith (“there is no God but God, and Mohammed is his prophet / messenger”) 2. Salat - Daily prayer (5x) 3. Zakat – charity (c. 2.5%) 4. Ramadan – fasting (during the month of Ramadan – abstain from food & drink during daylight hours, also no sex, smoke, backbiting, gossip etc.)
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