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romantic love - In THE BIBLE the story of Joseph and...

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Romantic Love *What's LOVE?* Romance is... an intimate, often sexual relationship, between two people, i.e. a decorated expression of attachment, fascination and enthusiasm. Many psychologists, such as Nietzsche and Schopenhauer believe that ROMANTIC LOVE is innate, and it is the result of personal fulfillment vs. reproductive instincts. It is often times expressed as an art form, particularly in literature in exaggerated narration. *the HISTORICAL CONTEXT* Example of ROMANTIC LOVE in early LITERATURE; In GREECE, the farewell between Hector and Andromache in the Illiad... or the love of Kalypso for Odysseus. In the ALEXANDRINE period, writers such as SAPPHO and ALCMAN wrote about LOVE. In OCCITANIA, the TROUBADOURS who were composer and performers of lyrical poetry sang about LOVE during the Middle Ages.
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Unformatted text preview: In THE BIBLE, the story of Joseph and Aseneth about love and the religious conversion of Aseneth from Egyptology to Judaism. *FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE KINDA' LOVE?* The concept of ROMANTIC love in MARRIAGE is very recent. People used to marry each other for social status, money, diplomatic/coorporate reasons. .. but the emphasis on ROMANTIC LOVE in a MARRIAGE is very important today. Studies even show that more people today get left at the alter than ever before because they take the words "for better or for worse" in the wedding vows very seriously. *LOVE EVER AFTER* Various psychological studies show that ROMANTIC LOVE (the butterflies you get when you are in love!) gets REPLACED by COMMITTED LOVE after 6-12 months. Do YOU think its true?...
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